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23 March 2011

Friends, Geeks, EPM Practitioners, lend me your ears

With profuse apologies to William Shakespeare

I come not to bury Glenn Schwartzberg, but to praise him,
The good that men do lives after and with them,
Glenn’s good  is visible in his deeds and actions,
So let it be with Glenn, the latest BI Oracle Ace Director!

Oracle’s words about the Oracle Ace Director award

Oracle ACE Directors are individuals who not only meet the requirements of an Oracle ACE (that is, a track record of advocacy), but who can also commit to future participation in an ongoing dialog between Oracle and the people who use Oracle Technology or Applications in the "real world." Most Oracle ACE Directors have also made extraordinary contributions of some kind, whether technical or community-oriented. As with Oracle ACEs, employees are not eligible.   

And now my words

The above is just the beginning.  Read all you ever wanted to know about Oracle Ace Directors here.  Glenn has received a great honor but as it so often goes, much will be expected from him.  I have not the slightest shred of a doubt that he will excel in this role as he has in all others.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am excited and happy for Glenn and cannot think of anyone else who deserves it more.  The funny thing is he will likely want to hit me for writing all of this, but that’s just another aspect of his personality that I like so much – he is modest to a fault.

I’ve only known Glenn for just over two years, but they have been two very special years.

Glenn has given of himself tirelessly, cheerfully, and constantly to me, perfect strangers on the web, and to the Oracle EPM community in general.  We are lucky to have him.

He has been an inspiration to me and others and I count him amongst the handful of people in this business that I view as a role model.  Yes, Glenn, even when I go off the rails, I think to myself, “Good grief, that was dumb.  What would Glenn have done?”

The encomium is finished

This is a big deal, in case you haven’t figured it out.  As near as I can figure it, Glenn is now the fifth Oracle Ace Director in the EPM space (although the category is formally BI I draw a distinction between the BI and EPM worlds).

I’ve worked with all four of the other EPM Ace Directors (Eric Helmer, Tracy McMullen, Edward Roske, and Tim Tow) and they are all the most deeply talented and dedicated people I have ever met.  Glenn joins this august group as an equal.

Glenn, congratulations!  

Now that’s out of the way, I have this question about Essbase…


Michael Sterling said...

Congrats Glenn. Well deserved.
Sincerely, Michael

Michael Sterling said...

Congrats Glenn. Well deserved.
Sincerely, Michael