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26 September 2009

Why aren't you reading More To Life Than This?

Oh yeah, you are, aren't you, because you get it

If you aren't, why?  The link's to your right in my blog list -- it rotates in order with the other blogs based on post activity, but it's always there.

At the risk of making this sound like an international sycophantic blog lovefest, I ask John a semi-simple question on OTN's Planning board and get the equivalent of a white paper in return.  Good grief, that's amazing generosity of knowledge, time, and spirt.  Wow.

For those of you who noticed, this blog tries to mimic John's approach of deep technical knowledge with a few detours into irrelevancy (that would be my style contribution, not his).  He is an inspiring role model.

Short and sweet
The subjects he goes after aren't simple -- what would be the point?  Perhaps, sometimes, he needs to be prodded into making his great technical leaps intelligible to the hoi polloi, but he's able to come down from Mount Olympus to bring the rest of us along.  :)  John, we are running whilst you are strolling.

So that's it, just my way of saying thanks.  John, you rock!

P.S.  My blog is worth reading too, but if I had to choose between the two, I guess I'd have to pick John's.   
P.P.S.  Mum, I know you would pick mine.  But biological fealty means you have no choice, really.  :) 

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